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Driver Education


Glen Allen has been cleared to resume behind the wheel testing and will prioritize scheduling students who completed the course during the Fall 2019 semester, whose behind the wheel sessions were interrupted by the COVID-19 shutdown.  First semester students (Fall 2019) will need three driving sessions, which will cost $100.  Families may pay online through Online School Payments (OSP) AFTER you have been scheduled by Coach Dowell.


For the GA students who completed the course in Spring 2020, driving instructors will begin calling to schedule behind the wheel appointments once we have given the opportunity to the first semester (Fall 2019) students.  Second semester (Spring 2020) students will be required to complete five days of behind the wheel instruction due to not completing range sessions.  Henrico County has agreed to keep the fee at $100.


Lastly, parents are responsible for screening their child by asking them a series of questions from the COVID 19 Screening form, EVERY DAY, before reporting to their behind the wheel session.  If any answer is “yes,” the child will not be permitted to drive and will need to reschedule.  When parents/students arrive on campus the driving instructor will socially distance and hold up the screening questions for the parent to verify answers.  The instructor will also take the student’s temporal temperature before allowing them in the car.  If a student’s temperature is 100.4 or higher, the student will not be permitted to drive and will need to reschedule.


Thank you so much for your support and please let me know if you have any questions.

Matthew Dowell

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