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Clubs and Athletics


Class Sponsers
Senior Class  Rhonda Bowman and Alexandra Cox
Junior Class  Matt Huber and Meg Rutkowski
Sophomore Cass  Lindsey Pantele and Sara Vogt
Freshman Class  Ellen Parris and Kerry Kirchner
Clubs and Organizations
Go to the GAHS Club Website for the most up to date information on the clubs and organigations at GAHS
Sport Coach Additional Information
Football Sal Camp, Brad Morris, Kirk Fisher, Perry Jones, Torey Pettis, and Bill Mueller
Field Hockey Jennifer Miller and Lisa D’Angelo
Boys’ Volleyball Kevin Hoy and Any Hoy
Girls’ Volleyball Elizabeth Drewery, Khris Drewery, and Susan Demico
Boys’ Cross Country Jenn Ennis and Randy Thomas Website
Girls’ Cross Country Jenn Ennis and Randy Thomas Website
Golf Tim Fenn, Ricky Burch, and Will Freshwater
Cheerleading Ashley Vertino
Dance Team Holly Cartledge Website
Boys’ Basketball Matt McKeag Website
Girls’ Basketball Rick Brennan
Wrestling Nick Parrish
Gymnastics Kerry Kirchner
Indoor Track Jenn Ennis Website
Swimming Kathleen Lytle Website
Boys’ Soccer Danny Conway, Matt Huber
Girls’ Soccer Bennett Baber, Abbie Dixon
Baseball Dave Savino, Matt Dowell, Chris Clement, Jack Hatch
Softball Wayland Colwell, Jerry Cochran
Boys’ Tennis
Girls’ Tennis
Outdoor Track Jenn Ennis Website
Boys’ Lacrosse Mark Felton, Rob Mattimore, Bobby Dewey, Sandy Etherington
Girls’ Lacrosse Darrell, Broughton, Beth Williams


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